Loyalty Program

For every $1.00 spent earn 5 points to use on any purchases on Lovemycoffee items. (100 points= $1.00) Points redeemable 7 days after purchase. Points can be used towards shipping costs. earn 100 points for clicking the share button for twitter or facebook on the sites page(can only be done once a week), 50 points for registering for an account on givememug.com, and 250 points for sharing the referral link from your account and someone signs up through your link.


Thank you for choosing Lovemycoffee (givememug.com) for your coffee needs. More items added weekly. Also instant coffee and teas coming soon!





(points expire after 90 days)




{earned points can not be used on items purchased through Starbucks or other stores on givememug.com, nor are points earned from purchases made from other stores on givememug.com}